To whom it may concern I am writing to express my support for Points Coeur. I met Sylvie M. several years ago and participated in the weekly meal distribution for the homeless in Sendai. In addition to a warm, nutritious meal, clothing and amenities were also supplied to those without domicile. It was heartwarming to see such enthusiasm and service spirit being put to bring much needed support to those in need. Not only does Points Coeur support the homeless in Sendai, they also help rebuild communities in areas devastated by the great earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku. Although 5 years have passed, there are still tens of thousands living in temporary housing units, where most of the residents are elderly and have few ties to the community. Point sCoeur provides opportunities for these residents to gather, which is important for their mental health and sense of being part of a community. From what I have seen, those involved in Points Coeur programs in Tohoku provide vital support for the local community. I would like to express my support for this program to continue, as it brings much joy and human warmth to those in need.  Thank you for your kind consideration. Best regards,