N.M., from Japan

I met Heart’s Home in 2014, in a church. I was not catholic, but my grandmother was catholic so I have been to a church  and mass several times, but I couldn’t understand God, catholic.

One day, I participated their daily prayer. And I was shocked. I could feel something different to Japanese mass, it was beautiful, it was genuine catholic. I could understand what is catholic, and God.

From this time, I wished I want to be like them, the people of Heart’s home.

This meant to be baptized.

This March, I was baptized.

After I met the people of Heart’s home, I was changed.

My eyes, ear opened, my thinking changed. Thanks to them.

They are so important for me, I am so happy to have met them.

I am sure God is be with them, they can tell people God.

I can’t say by words but they are special.

I really appreciate them.