« I was introduced to Point Coeur by a friend of mine back when I used to live in Deva, Romania. At the time I had just begun to be a practising Catholic. I was very interested in the work the volunteers were doing because it was focused on alleviating suffering and being present with people and their pain, no matter their background.

The first time I met them was when we had a meal together at a friend’s house. After that we started seeing each other more regularly and they would invite me for breakfasts on Sunday. They would offer me and others from the community tea and food.

Once, they invited me to join them in their visits to some of the families they were seeing regularly. I was so inspired by their ability to listen and love, as well as their strength in facing others’ suffering. At the time, I was preparing for my first confession and the volunteers offered me to use their retreat house in the garden to have time on my own. They made me meals and invited me to join them in prayer.

Short after that summer I left for England and we stopped seeing each other but every time I went back, I’d go and see them and they always welcomed me with warmth and acceptance, even when the old volunteers I had met first had been replaced by new ones. When I stopped practising catholicism, their respect towards remained the same. I never felt mistreated or pushed to behave in a certain way or believe anything I didn’t want.  »