My name’s M. I met Heart’s Home via M.W a former voluntary worker of Heart’s Home in Poland (Warsaw), currently an employee of Polish HH division. She invited me to attend the introduction weekend that was taking place in Warsaw because I revealed to her that I had been missing Japan, a country that I always loved the most and one that I really regretted leaving after 7-days trip. She said that there is one community house in Sendai and that I could go there. At first I thought it’s totally impossible, that she’s probably joking, but fortunately she didn’t. So I registered for the weekend and fell in love with the idea of Mary-like mission, I mean, to give the presence to suffering people as Mary did to Jesus standing by the cross and bring Christ to people in Japan. I made the decision and came here after a year.

Now I’m here and see the mission on different levels. Japan, who had a really tough time of Christianity being forbidden is now a country which doesn’t have to struggle with religion prohibition laws. However, Christianity here, especially Catholic seems to be diminishing rather than growing. The reason of the disease is the same as in Western European countries – consumerism and consumption. For 200 years Japanese where able to preserve their belief in Christ, no matter how great the repressions were, but now, when there is no outside threat anymore, the Church does not attract many people. So our mission is to live with those who suffered because of the Great East Earthquake and Tsunami that happened in 2011, but also to accompany those few left, in their faith.
There are all sorts of people in need here and ways to support them also differ.    What’s common is the heart of every person that need’s to be touched very gently and accurately for the message of love to succeed.

We try to accompany all sorts of people here: those who are in material need like homeless, those who were harmed during tsunami/earthquake, consecrated people who live here just for the purpose of teaching about Christ (foreign priests), foreign Catholics and non-Catholic who decided to live in Japan, Catholic Youth consisting of students as well as graduates. We meet with people, cook for them, listen to them and talk, play together some sports, help them with daily errands, visit them in hospitals and hospices, pray and study Bible together, answer the questions about Christianity and faith. Whatever the activity is, our only aim is to bring them Christ and comfort the Christ that is in them.

I really like the fact of being here. People are people, no matter where they live, even if their way of behaviour is slightly different from what I’ve been used to. I know that I was chosen to be here and as I cannot foresee the future, my only wish is to be open to God’s will. And I’m pretty sure that his will is for me to be here. Even if I often become hopeless unworthy servant, full of deceit and filled with egoistic desires.

  1. from Sendai