My name is A.D.. I belong to the Oblates of St. Francis De Sales. As part of the academical program from the college I was asked make my village exposure program for fifteen days. For this I have chosen hearts home community along with my three companions. Heart’s Home community was familiar to us through two of its brothers who stayed with us in past years for studies. The days that I have spend in the community were very rich in experience. And the end result was much more than I expected. The coming together of its members as one family was the most touched experience I had. The purpose and the meaning of prayer was well expressed through thanks and by asking sorry for the failures of the day. The joy of being together was well extended to the society outside. I had an opportunity to meet the people whom I have met in market place at their home. The joy of paschal mystery I have tasted by the house visits. A blessing to be with the sick and suffering in the leprosy center was a real gift of God. Same with the gypsies and from the rehabilitation centers. All these activities were possible because of the regular ministry of the members of the Heart’s Home. Since they have set a good platform I could see the fruits of their work in all of them. The production of the Garden Delight jam is the sweetening of the activities. In a nut shell to say my stay in the community of heart’s Home was  filled with love ,prayer and service. Unity of its members and their willingness to accept the guests made an impression in me. Let the almighty god Bless the heart’s Home.

Thank you