Warm Greetings to everybody!

I’ve great pleasure in testifying to the excellent work being carried out by the Heart’s Home at Chennai. I’ve known this community people for more than 15 years.

I’ve always admired their commitment, sacrifice, simplicity and hard work. I’ve wondered at the way they get accustomed to an alien culture, climate and the food at a much rapid pace.

People from various countries live under one roof with tremendous understanding and adjustment only to extend their valuable services and care for the needy and the poor. They are amazingly humble enough to identify themselves with the poor people by practically living a simple and hard life.

Moreover, all of them have shown a very keen interest in learning and mastering the Tamil language and have been using it effectively with the people. By this way, they are able to reach the poor and help them accordingly.

The continuous chain of people joining this community every year bears witness to the success of the Heart’s Home.

With all Good Wishes & Blessings!


(Tamil Teacher)