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Greeting Mr. Patrick Mousset:


May the peace of our Lord be with you.  I hope and pray that this my appeal messages

will meet you well.  My name is , President/CEO, Family Support

and Resources; I am also a faithful parishioner of the Queen of All Saints Catholic Church

in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York.  It is my pleasure to bring to your attention the

compassionate, generosity, love, patience and faith sharing that many of our Brothers and

and Sisters Missionaries at Heart’s Home USA has been sharing with the people in our

Communities around Brooklyn, especially in Fort Greene vicinities.


Most of these young men and women came from different parts of the World; especially

from France and part of Europe.  God has been transforming and using these young

men and women to reach out and ministering for his lost children that has lost their faith.

As we celebrating the gift of Holy Spirit during this season of Pentecost; we thank God

for giving them different gifts of One Body of Christ that encourage these young

Missionaries and inspiring them to left their loved ones, families and their Countries;

as I have done myself in immigrated from West Africa, Nigeria for adventure of faith to

evangelizes to the people in Brooklyn and around New York.  Sharing the words of God’s

peace, love and unity.  We have much in common in teaching Catholic religion education

and sharing the words of God to people. Visiting and celebrating Eucharist with people in

the Hospital, Rehabilitation, Nursing Homes and home bound elderly and people with

disabilities.  Encouraging  and inspiring them to stay in faith.


I pray and appeal to you to help use your good position of leadership to make sure that

this faith-civic experiences and gift of volunteering work and services sharing of these

young Missionaries at Heart’s Home USA  continue and encourage them to keep their

loving connection to the people in our Communities.  We very much appreciate your support,

their sponsors and  their families for sharing the unique life of their loved ones and children

with other people who are in needs.   May Lord Almighty keep them safe and well.


Thank you for your cooperation and continuing support.


Peace, Love and Compassion,


V- O.F


Family Support and Resources, Inc.

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