W.L., lives in Brooklyn, NY (USA)

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

To: Mr. Patrick Mousset, president of Heart’s Home of France.

Hello Mr. Patrick Mousset, let me introduce myself. My name is Mr. W.A.L.. I am from Brooklyn, NY, USA. I am grateful for the priests and the sisters of Hearts home. They have done so much towards me, and I mean SO much. I am an orphan and I was adopted, but it’s a long story and I’m not going to explain it now because it will take too long for this letter. Well, the reason I am so grateful for them is because when I needed help (I mean health-wise) Heart’s Home has been there for me, giving me assistance when my family and friends would let me down. Heart’s Home saved my life many times.

They have done so much for the people living in the housings projects of Brooklyn. In those low incone neighborhoods, it’s all division, conflict, stress, drug traffic and gang members shooting each other. Your nuns and Priests have been there for us and their friendship has given us the will to survive and to also have a little of love and dignity towards one another.

Trust me when I tell you Mr. Patrick, my love for God is that very very tiny star of hope. And if it wasn’t for Heart’s Home I think I would have been somebody evil and bad, someone that will be left in the pages of History as being scary and powerful and negative. Hearts Home has contained all that. So imma let you go with this letter of what I feel what you’re doing is very bad and if it continues it might get worse to me and it might lead to death.

Hearts home helps the disabled and the helpless very much and I can speak for that because they do it for me. They feel my pain. They cried with me. They laughed with me. I’m not doing anything and my health condition is very bad. Heart’s Home embraces my pain and my sorrows. So I wish nobody takes away the comfort that we have in our zone.


(a loyal parishioner of St. James Cathedral Church in Brooklyn, NY)