The Ministry Institute

May 2016

Dear Mr Mousset:

I am delighted to write a letter regarding our experience with the Heart’s Home community of Christian, mostly Catholic, women on the Gonzaga campus.

Over the course of three years (2011 to 2014), we were blessed to have a Heart’s Home college community live in a home on The Ministry Institute (TMI) campus and share their ministry with our program students, other residents and Gonzaga students. They participated in prayer and other activities with us as their busy school and service schedules allowed, and opened their home to students who were lonely and in need of a good meal, a listening ear and a kind heart. Over those years, they learned to draw boundaries around the time necessary for their own prayer to renew their energy and their commitment to ministry, and to balance their studies, work and dedication to Hearts Home and TMI.

The young women of Hearts Home were often visited by Melanie, their mentor from New York, who always took time to visit with us and make sure that they were living and serving under the guidelines of TMI and Gonzaga University, and in accordance with their vows to Heart’s Home. They were an example of caring concern, prayerful Christian living, and the “joy of the Gospel” in all they did.

If you would like any other information, please contact me. I would be happy to expand on the goodness and grace that Heart’s Home brought to our institution, our students and to me personally as they faithfully lived in service to others.

Blessings –