Bangalore – India

I am Br. R.B. a member of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales Congregation currently doing my Theological studies in Bangalore. As a requirement for my studies together with my classmates we had to have a village exposure anywhere in the country at least for 10 days. Because of our past relation with some of the seminarians from hearts home who studied with us we had decided to have the pastoral village exposure with the hearts home. They had readily accepted our request and welcomed us very warmly. At the end of fifteen days we were moved and touched by what the members of hearts home are trying to do here in India and all over the world. We had the fortune of knowing them better and were challenged by their mission and spirit. The hospitality they rendered to us was so warm that in a short time we felt like were also part of that family. Personally what I experienced there is that each one dies to himself or herself to give life to the other. They have engaged themselves in various pastoral works such as family visitings, working with the leprosy affected people, taking care of the gipsy, educating the beggars, taking care of the mentally and physically differently abled. The spirit of prayer and communion they share is the backbone for their mission in the vineyard of the Lord. It was really an enriching experience and worth spending two weeks of time in the hearts home. Thanks a lot.